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Everything about locks from the ancient past to today's cutting edge innovations

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Adding to Lockpedia

Its easy and free to add something to Lockpedia, simply send us an email (easy one click link in the header of every page) with your update, snippet, comment, story or article and we do the rest. We have deliberately chosen the email medium as a means of communication with us since every body is familiar with their own email client. You don't have to wrestle with unfamiliar editing formats and platforms, so simply send an email and attach any pictures, its a simple as that. We will do the rest and of course credit your contribution (or update anonymously if preferred).

Depending on your specific interest in the world of locks whether its Today's Scene or The Past we offer more information on each category:-

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The Industry

The industry today is what provides the source of our enquiry and therefore we want to record at least the basic contact details and products or services of those that are engaged in it.

We compile the industry into categories: Manufacturer - Distributor, Importer or Agent - Retailer - Field Service.

Advise at least your trading name and contact details (don't forget to add your country, Lockpedia is global), if you have a logo and a few words about your goods or services they to will be added, your company Bio is particularly welcome if you have one, if not our own research will eventually compile one.

If you issue Press Releases, PDF’s, files, or other digital media please add us to your media or marketing list:


History & Preservation

Gradually and with the passage of time products are improved and soon become discontinued obsolete, vintage and then antique, and so The Past section of Lockpedia attempts to preserve The Industry, the businesses and products and acknowledges the various ways that both the technological and social aspects are preserved in:-

Museums - Tell us about some of the lock related artefact(s) you have that would inspire visits, your location, opening times, contact details etc.

Clubs, Historical & Preservation Society's - If locks feature in your activities seek out others with similar interests, tell us about your activities and your membership details.

Private Collectors - Most collectors like to show their collection with fellow collectors. Advise your speciality and contact details.

Email: history.preservation.editor@emorlands.com or use the link in the header of every page.


We have talked about elsewhere that locks could be one of the things that define us as human. The people of previous generations  that used the products or worked in The Industry, our ancestors, all in one way or another collectively helped shape the wonderful world of locks.

Here we have one means of noting there achievements and involvement. So whether you are researching your family tree or want to remember your ancestors contributions we welcome you input. Simply email or use the link in the header of every page.