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Everything about locks from the ancient past to today's cutting edge innovations

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The life stories of people in the lock and security world can be both interesting and enlightening. The motivations, inspirations and passions surrounding that very human need for security have manifest some fascinating life stories.

So here we compile the facts, notes and details of those events of such peoples lives as concerned with locks and security. Perhaps your ancestor, maybe concerning an historical event, political affair, or the story of a particular innovation improves life for everyone, or even conversely looking at the darker side and how security is compromised sparking another round of human endeavour. How often do we hear those words ‘so that if doesn't ever happen again’; but eventually it does and so a further round of human endeavour ensues - and so we record here those people and their lives in that ever perpetual cycle of that very human need to lock up.

Some of the people under research:- (suggest other names perhaps with a few basic facts)

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Robert Barron, Joseph Bramah, Arthur Bryant, Stephen Bucknall, Samuel Chatwood, Jeremiah Chubb, George Davis, Vincent Eras, Peter Frima, Emil Hendrickson, Alfred Hobbs, Theodor Kromer, Thomas Milner, George Price, Bill Stanton, Christopher Polhem, Roy Saunders, Jack Taylor, Henry Towne, Linus Yale Jr, Linus Yale Snr,