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Everything about locks from the ancient past to today's cutting edge innovations

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Our site is brand new and being populated.

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The world of locks and keys is a fascinating one. Our site, Lockpedia, though is brand new and currently undergoing population, check Add to Lockpedia to see how you, your company or your lock/locksmith/research interest can appear in these pages - it’s all free!

What is Lockpedia?

Lockpeadia is the on-line version of our multi-volume work entitled The History of Locks but there are differences…


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Lockpedia is the umbrella site of the the archeological research and preservation initiative at The History of Locks Museum, recording locks and keys from the ancient past to cutting edge innovations of today and even sometimes speculating on the future. We already have well established sites such as COLTi (A discussion forum for modern locks with public and private areas), Chubb Archive where we remember with fondness their products and people and of course Antique Locks (a categorised discussion forum). You will find that the pages and links here and other features including pages on Today’s Scene and Locks of The Past are gradually brought on-line. As we do populate the site we welcome your input…

Therefore whatever your interest in locks we want to hear from you wherever you are globally located, so if you are a:- (use the links in the header of every page)

Lock Manufacturer - send your PDF’s, Press Releases and web link.

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Security Service sector including Locksmith Shops, Architectural Ironmongers or Field Service companies - Send your details/pictures and news.

Museums - send public opening times, details of any lock/key/safes etc.

Collectors & Collections - Tell the world about your collection and your passion.

Heritage Sites - tell us about the lock/key/safe stories about your site and visitor details.

Societies - clubs - groups - submit membership details, and the lock/key/safe aspects of your group.

You or your Ancestors - Did you or your ancestors work in the lock industry? Tell us about your experiences or memories.

We are inviting anyone with an interest in locks, from manufacturer to end user, from archaeologists to curators, whether ancient or modern and from anywhere around the world to add your details or interest using the simple email links in the header of every page.

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