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Everything about locks from the ancient past to today's cutting edge innovations

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LOCKPEDIA IS BRAND NEW & BEING POPULATED - Independently Compiled From Public, Industry & Archive Material more…

Locks of The Past - Latest Stories

This portion of Lockpedia records The History of Locks in all its diversity, initially subdivided into:-

Lock Stories - Lockmakers of the Past - Biographies

As with everything Lockpedia we develop it with your input and suggestions. We have suggested some topic ideas below, initially as bullet points to inspire. Your input of snippets, and facts and together with the cumulative research the topics, both here and on our sister site, www.antique-locks.com grows into paragraphs and articles  which in its own way illustrates another facet of what makes us human.

Latest Topics & Ideas under development:-


The life stories of the people involved with locks, some famous, some infamous…

Vincent Eras

Peter Frima

George Price

Roy Saunders

Bill Stanton

Jack Taylor

See our list of names under study…

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Lock Stories

Some fascinating, sometimes colourful, insights into Locks

Guardian Angels & Other Forms of Security in Antiquity & Mythology

The Suez Canal and the Egyptian Vault

Something About Wood

Locks With A Secret

The Shadowy Man At Milner

Primitive locking Mechanisms - The Spring Barb

Lockmakers of The Past

Or Company Histories & Their Products.


Chubb & Sons Lock & Safe Co.




John Tann