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Lock Stories

There are many stories associated with locks. Perhaps the lock was at the centre of some incident or affair. Or perhaps its associated with a slice of history in a ritual or protocol. However every one is aware of the significance of the keys in their pocket and how important their own particular ritual of locking up its. Its no wonder then that others experiences are so easily related to. So in this section of Lockpedia we share comment and add to these stories. Topic ideas are listed below, mostly as bullet points and basic facts, as they turn into paragraphs and stories we create a indexed page in the main menu for that topic. But we also welcome new ideas for topics.

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Guardian Angels & Other Forms of Security in Antiquity & Mythology

The Golden Fleece protected by a python.

Crocodiles kept on a starvation diet.

Dragon slain by George.

Even today a dog is very often kept partly as a very efficient guard, announcing the arrival of visitors, whether friend or foe, with its bark. Geese are also sometimes used in a similar way, particularly in rural areas.

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The UK Ministerial Dispatch BoxRed Budget Box

Instantly recognisable red box held up at budget time by the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

What is the significance of the different colours; Red, Black, Green have all been noted.

Gladstone's box of 18** is the style that survives to today, but what did earlier boxes look like. The Davis lock from King George III’s time was made specifically for dispatch boxes, and contained an engraved notice offering a reward to anyone applying to have a key made.

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