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Everything about locks from the ancient past to today's cutting edge innovations

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This section of Lockpeadia records and explores the subject in the context of ‘Today’ Scene’, the locks in current production and manufacturers currently active and producing them and of course the stories associated with them. We also record the retailers, locksmiths and field service engineers active in today’s world.

Note: Products that are EOL, discontinued or obsolete are recorded in ‘The Past’ area of the site.

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 is the public face of the industry, and may include press releases and comment from all sectors including the public. Industry specific posts and sensitive topics can be found inside

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Yale Press Release at Lockpedia

Conexis™ L1 Smart Door Lock

Yale unlocks the future with the new Conexis™ L1 Smart Door Lock

Yale has launched the brand new Conexis™ L1 Smart Door Lock, putting homeowners fully in control of their home. The new lock allows users to configure, control and unlock their door all from their smartphone via the new Bluetooth low energy app.


Conexis smart lock

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